UConn Health is committed to protecting patient medical information in compliance with applicable laws, rules and regulations. The Office of Privacy Protection & Management engages in several activities to minimize privacy related risks and to respond accordingly to questions or concerns. Examples of our efforts include:

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Provide privacy awareness training

Employees are required to take certain types of privacy training based on their role at UConn Health. Typically, this training is focused on HIPAA privacy and security training. Please visit our training page for more information.


Respond to Questions and Concerns

Routine privacy monitoring helps us to detect any areas in need of additional training and resources. Additionally our office investigates concerns and works with the appropriate parties for a resolution, when necessary. If you have questions or concerns, please contact us. We are here to help.


Review contracts and agreements for privacy considerations

By partnering with procurement and researchers, we can enhance contracts and agreements to better protect personal data and information.