Distance Learning Privacy Considerations

If you are an instructor teaching a distance learning course this semester, you may find yourself implementing certain practices and proctoring tools to authenticate a student’s identity and/or to promote academic integrity.  For example, you may decide to use a remote monitoring tool to proctor your exams or ask that a student participate using their computer’s camera  If you require student monitoring of any kind for your course, or intend to record lectures with students present, please inform your students in writing as early as possible in the semester (e.g. notice on your syllabus or email to the class). This will allow students an opportunity to anticipate and resolve any potential privacy concerns they may have in taking the courseBy providing transparency of monitoring practices, students are clearly notified of course expectations and generally required to comply with limited exceptions. Flexibility for students is encouraged wherever possible.  

Privacy questions related to the monitoring or recording students may be directed to the University Privacy Officer, Bruce Gelston at privacy@uconn.edu 

For more information please contact: Bruce Gelston, University Privacy Officer at privacy@uconn.edu